When we partnered with Scope in October 2011, the objective was to implement a framework which would support their operation to give clear visibility over their entire supply chain.

The national charity wanted to ensure their management team would have access to key information as well as reassurance regarding compliance. Chief Executive Andrew Preston, spoke to Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of Scope, about how our service is benefitting Scope.

Why did Scope look to implement a managed service provider?

Scope is a national disability charity that exists to make this country a better place for disabled people and families with disabled children, running a whole range of services throughout the country.

When we look at the number of people we employ and how we recruit people, especially temporary staff, it’s absolutely crucial that we’re doing things as effectively as we can.

How have we helped Scope to have more visibility and control of their temporary staff?

Since we’ve been working with you it’s been so much more effective in that we’ve saved a lot of money, our processes and systems are better, the visibility of Management Information is a lot better and compliance issues overall are much stronger. Specifically our management team, through using the e-tips® system, get much faster information about individuals that we’re employing to make sure that we’re compliant in every area and we know information about those individuals in our area of work. When you’re providing social care to people you’ve got to be absolutely sure that you’re compliant.

Furthermore, by working with your we’re saving a lot of money. I think we’ve saved almost £200,000 which has enabled us to use that money elsewhere in the best interests of disabled people. This enabled us to support more families with disabled children.

How has working with our model helped Scope to streamline administration?

There was a time in the past where we had something like more than 8,000 invoices a year in regards to temporary labour. Since we’ve been working with you, that’s reduced down to one consolidated invoice a week. So, in an average year that used to be more than 8,000 and it’s now 52 – which obviously saves us a lot of administrative time, staff time and that’s another area of saving we’re then able to invest in the business overall – at the better interests of disabled people. The recruitment system itself is much more streamlined, managers can get better information and it’s reduced the administration from thousands to 52 invoices a year.

How do you find working with our team?

One of the benefits of working with an organisation like yourselves is that we’ve been able to take advantage of the huge areas of expertise and experience that the contract and performance management team have. Rather than us simply buying an effective system we’ve also benefited enormously from consultancy services and advice, which has really helped us in understanding things like; what good looks like in recruitment practices or the way that people are managing systems and processes. My understanding from a large amount of my colleagues is that it feels much more like a partnership arrangement where we’ve benefited enormously, not only with the better system – but also from the great advice and the consultancy.

How have we helped provide clear Management Information?

We’re a disability charity and it’s really important that our managers are able to focus on the things that are important for the organisation, which is mostly about providing great services for disabled people. When it comes to Management Information, we’ve got to make sure that the information we need is easy and simple for our managers to access. The e-tips® system is great in that respect; very simple and at the push of a button a manager is able to get great information about individuals, time management and about the number of hours that people have been working.

The functionality of e-tips® really helps our managers understand their costs even more effectively, but more importantly it helps them plan more effectively as well. We know who we’ve been using to provide temporary staff and who we want to be using again in the future. It’s really simple, it really helps our managers and it really helps us as an organisation.

What has the agency panel done for Scope as an organisation?

The agency panel has really made a big difference to our managers. In the past they’ve had to worry about a whole range of issues to do with cost or legal aspects. Now they don’t need to worry about that because they have the confidence that you are managing those issues. For us, this means our managers know that the different agencies are competing with each other on the service they’re giving, so our managers can make choices based on what’s best for Scope, without having to worry about issues like cost and legal compliance.

How do we go above and beyond other managed service providers?

Perhaps one of the most successful parts of the partnership is that it really feels like a partnership; it doesn’t feel like a transactional relationship. We feel like we’re benefiting from consultancy advice, better systems and processes that are making us more effective as an organisation, allowing us to use our resources really effectively. 

To support Scope, your team have been taking part in fundraising activities for us, gaining sponsorship to do a range of different events. That not only helps raise the profile of Scope, but also promotes the issues that are important for us. We’re benefiting enormously overall, way beyond what you’d expect from a working relationship like this. It really feels like a partnership and we’re working together to make things much better for disabled people in this country.

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