Now that more professionals are choosing the route of contingent careers and more businesses require workers with specialised skills to work on-demand, stronger incentives are needed to attract temporary workers to a business. What can employers do to try and attract the best temps? 

Make sure you offer fair pay

When you use a vendor neutral outsourcing solution, your workers will be offered standardised pay rates. This means you can focus on the quality of the work, rather than the cost, and candidates can be sure that they are offered a fair rate for the type of service they offer.

Offer a supportive work environment

It’s counter-productive to create a workplace divide between your permanent and temporary workers, as this means that your temps are less likely to feel involved and motived and more likely to be less productive. Any temporary worker considering an assignment for your business is likely to ask about their workplace rights. Make sure to offer staff inductions and introductions, so that your contingent workforce is made to feel at home within your business.

Offer the opportunity to gain credible experience and added skills

Temporary workers, like permanent workers, look to develop in their careers. Offering the chance to gain or develop a skill they might not currently have will be a great attraction to your business.

Offer the possibility of future work

The possibility of creating a long-term working relationship can be a big bonus to temporary workers. Although part of the attraction of working as a temp is the flexibility and frequent changes this kind of working arrangement offers, it can be a great motivation being asked to come back to the same company. Like all workers, temporary workers appreciate recognition of their work and are keen on creating a strong professional network.

Outsource recruitment

If you are looking to recruit candidates with the right skills and experience, signing up to an agency means you don’t have to worry about doing all your temporary recruitment in-house. The changing needs of your business can be addressed by independent recruitment solutions to ensure cost, compliance and efficiency. 
GRI work with over 150 clients in the UK, across sectors such as retail, logistics and care, providing a neutral vendor model of cost savings, streamlined administration and visibility and control. 

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