From lowering costs to streamlining processes and getting staff where they’re needed more quickly, there are clearly many benefits to be gained from outsourcing your recruitment processes, but how do you find the best temporary recruitment outsourcing firm for the needs of your organisation? 

There are several main factors to take into consideration when outsourcing to a recruitment partner. Reputation, track record and even other clients the firm already partners with will greatly affect the decision of which company your organisation goes with.
Track record
You wouldn’t hire anyone without checking out their CV and the same should apply to a recruitment outsourcing firm. Organisations looking to outsource their recruitment function should look at companies the provider has worked with in the past, as well as companies they partner now. If they already work with one of your competitors, for instance, then you may want to look elsewhere to avoid a conflict of interests. 

Most recruitment outsourcing providers should be able to provide case studies to give prospective partners the opportunity to see how successful they’ve been in the past. Examine these to see if they delivered solutions in similar industries with similar needs as your organisation. It is, of course, important to verify the case studies as well. Look out for over-exaggerated claims and assumptions. For peace of mind, try to follow up on testimonials to confirm authenticity.
What are your recruitment goals?
Any recruitment outsourcing provider must understand your culture, values and objectives to be able to make the best possible contribution to your business. From you, they will need a full briefing, so they know exactly what you expect them to deliver. A good way to prepare this is by auditing your own recruitment processes to see where the bottlenecks are and where improvements can be made. Ask your team what specific types of services and expertise are needed to deliver company goals? 

Once you have a better understanding of what you’re looking for, you can then match those needs with the offerings of prospective recruitment outsourcing partners. This should enable you to narrow down your search considerably.
Develop a strategy
If you’ve identified a particular area where you have problems in your recruitment, for instance, if you’re trying to recruit in a specialist market where demand is high, or your business model means you need a pool of temporary staff available at short notice, then clearly it makes good business sense to go with a firm that has a track record of success in these areas. For example, GRI has a long record of success in delivering quality workers in a highly cost-effective manner by standardising pay rates across agencies and workers.
Cost models
As with most business concerns, cost will be a factor when choosing the best temporary recruitment outsourcing firm for your business. Payment models vary greatly from one company to another and getting the best price (and the best return on your investment) will mean aligning the services you’re looking for with the best cost model. One thing to look out for here is not just the cost of the service itself but its positive or negative impact on your costs back at base. GRI, for example, can cut the number of recruitment invoices that you receive down from hundreds and thousands to just a single invoice, no matter how many temporary recruitment agencies supply candidates to you, thereby reducing the amount of work required at your end.
Internal communication and expertise
Another thing to consider is if you require the recruitment outsourcing company to deliver consultancy expertise within your organisation too. Choosing a firm that can come into your company and work alongside your own HR team can work very well when it comes to delivering improvements to your entire recruitment function. However, not every recruitment outsourcing firm will offer this level of service.
Measuring performance
Again, this is an area that needs to be agreed in advance before signing with any recruitment outsourcing company. If you’re looking for the best temporary recruitment outsourcing firm, for example, how will you measure how successful they have been in fulfilling your needs? 

While leadership on strategies and metrics should come from within your own organisation, most recruitment outsourcing companies will have their own tools and processes for measuring performance. You may want to scrutinise these before signing on the bottom line and perhaps suggest ways they can be altered in order to meet the unique needs of your organisation better.
As with any contract, the contract you sign with your recruitment outsourcing partner will contain certain binding clauses. Clearly, the more flexible the contract is for your business, the fewer problems you are likely to experience down the line, should business conditions change dramatically. Not every recruitment partner will agree to some form of shared risk should services need to be downscaled or withdrawn completely. 

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