There’s a huge body of evidence demonstrating that outsourcing recruitment, when done through an intermediary with a solid track record of success, leads to wide-ranging benefits for organisations that have taken this step. This is why more organisations than ever are outsourcing vast swathes of their human resource management function – in particular their recruitment.

Here are the five key areas where companies are seeing the biggest rewards:
Outsourcing means much more than just cost savings
When it comes to outsourcing recruitment, cost savings might be the initial motivation for HR professionals, but, as many companies are discovering, it’s only the start. While keeping costs down is key to any organisation’s success, it’s really only one aspect of how recruitment outsourcing can help businesses meet strategic objectives. 

By using a recruitment outsourcing provider, organisations can gain much more control over staffing throughout the peaks and troughs of business cycles. The reason for this is that the outsourcing provider has practical experience of streamlining and optimising recruitment processes in order to gain a better overview of business needs so it’s easier to pre-empt when staff might be needed. In turn, their vast network of specialist recruitment agencies sees vacancies filled faster, meaning no loss of productivity or revenue. After all, every day a role remains unfilled in a business-critical area of operations is a cost to the organisation.

A recruitment intermediary can often also play a role in streamlining the payment of temporary workers – itself a notoriously labour intensive and administrative process when a volume number of workers is required. Neutral vendors and recruitment outsourcing solutions for temporary staff invest heavily in their own proprietary systems and some, like our e-tips ® solution, can reduce thousands of invoices to just one consolidated invoice per week. 
Reaping the benefits of scalability
It’s worth discussing the subject of scalability related to the human resource management function in more depth, as this too is more than just a question of cost savings. Because of the very nature of what they do, recruitment outsourcing firms are much more flexible and versatile than traditional HR departments, especially when it comes to adapting to changes in company size or structure.

Whatever stage the business is at, or however it changes in response to an evolving business environment, an external team dedicated to your recruitment needs will already have protocols and procedures in place to react accordingly, ensuring that throughout expansion plans or restructuring, you continue to get the best solution for the organisation’s needs. 
Sourcing better quality candidates
Here’s another big advantage of using a recruitment outsourcing partner. Because one of the core competencies of any recruitment intermediary is to source and vet the best recruitment agencies (and thus the best candidates) for you, then no matter what discipline or hard-to-source skill set you’re looking for, the outsourcing firm will deliver a better quality of candidate across the board.

From identifying the best agencies, to making sure candidates are right for the job, a quality recruitment outsourcing provider will already have a wealth of tools and experience at their disposal to make sure you get the best talent before the competition does. What’s more, the best vendor neutral recruitment intermediaries, such as GRI, will make sure there is always a pool of candidates available when new staff are required urgently.
Improved recruitment processes
Traditionally, because the human resource management function was focused on dealing with core HR issues, there was rarely the time or resources to devote to analysing processes and performing metrics to see where improvements could be made. One way a recruitment outsourcing firm can help here is through co-ordinating recruitment processes across all departments to ensure consistency. 

Most intermediaries will be able to supply analytical tools to measure the success of general recruitment efforts, as well as for special campaigns and projects. These include advanced real-time reporting facilities that can offer management a clearer picture of recruitment activity, from which insights can be gained for the generation of new business strategies.

In addition, high quality recruitment intermediaries will develop SLAs so that the management team and other stakeholders can see first-hand that outsourcing is making a real difference when it comes to organisational success.
Legal compliance
With the introduction of new regulations regarding employment law and recruitment, it’s more important than ever that organisations are compliant. Recruitment outsourcing companies are seen as real experts in this area with experienced legal personnel ensuring that existing and upcoming regulations are met. This is becoming crucially important for companies, when you consider the hefty penalties that some organisations have incurred for non-compliance. And, for many organisations this is one of the key drivers in outsourcing their recruitment function.

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