As a responsible company, we believe the achievement of our long term strategic vision should be underpinned by a culture which respects the interests of our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the wider community in which we operate, whilst challenging our ability to remain environmentally conscious through every facet of what we do.

With this in mind, the company’s CSR strategy is built on four pillars which embody the key issues, risks and potential impacts identified by stakeholders, be it internal or external.

Each pillar is supported by a team of individuals experienced in managing issues that impact both the company and the wider community.

The 4 pillars of gri'S CSR Strategy


The company recognises our activities have an impact on the environment. As a service provider, our main impact relates to our use of energy and the greenhouse gas emissions this produces. In addition, the waste we produce and natural resources we consume are considered very carefully in terms of their impact on the environment.

Taking into account our environmental footprint, the company is committed to engaging with responsible suppliers and with clients who share our view on environmental sustainability and reducing the impact in all that we do. Our views and aspirations are widely shared within the supply chain concerned with the services we provide. As a company, we are committed to engaging with like- minded companies as we grow.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible organisation and commit to continually improving our environmental performance and to preventing pollution. The principles of this commitment underpin all business activities throughout the company.

We support and comply with all environmental legislation and advocate a precautionary approach with regard to environmental concerns.

Our objectives are to reduce our environmental impact by way of:

  • Reducing energy use, thereby reducing the greenhouse gas emissions which we are responsible for.
  • Supporting innovative technical solutions to aid the continued reduction of our environmental impact.
  • Empowering our employees to consider their own environmental impact whilst performing their contractual duties.
  • Minimising our waste by reducing the amount we produce in absolute terms and recycling at all possible opportunities.
  • Reducing the impact of the goods we procure and natural resources we use through our sustainable purchasing policy.

Diversity & Inclusion

The company is fully committed to the development of a diverse workforce which reflects the community we operate in. Our diversity and inclusion activities are based on valuing everyone as a unique individual and celebrating their unique characteristics. We believe employee engagement and the development and recognition of transferable skills creates a positive environment where our people can make a real impact on corporate results, our customers and the wider society in which we operate.

Applications for employment and promotion are always fully considered, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, race, faith, sexual orientation or marital, civil partnership or part-time status. We are also fully committed to making all reasonable adjustments to ensure that people with disabilities can compete for employment and have every opportunity to develop their careers with the company.

Not only do we believe that there is a moral and legal obligation on all employers to promote diversity, but we also recognise that there are clear benefits for doing so. The company is an organisation built by the knowledge and skills of our people. We are a “People Company” and so our commitment to employee engagement and continued professional development is absolutely paramount in retaining and acquiring talent.

We recognise the increasing demands for a better balance between work and life outside work. Our people policies and investment in management development is vital in creating a culture which supports this notion and is sensitive to the needs of our employees, whilst also considering our strategic vision.

We work in partnership with a range of customers who employ a diverse cross-section of society. It is important to these customers that their workforce reflects the community in which they operate. We listen to the needs of our customers when considering solutions to aid their operation and work closely with them to develop a solution which will meet their own corporate and CSR obligations.

Corporate Governance & Culture

We pride ourselves on the excellent services and expertise we provide throughout each of our business units. Our commitments to fair and ethical approaches breed a culture of consistency and empowerment in all that we do. A culture of accountability is very important to us, and this is realised through employee engagement initiatives and forums giving each and every one of us the opportunity to be heard.

We strive to create an environment where our employees can contribute to their continued professional development and achieve their full potential. We aim to inspire our people and provide a structure for internal communication through regular performance reviews and informal forums and communication channels.

Our commitment to corporate governance allows this to happen and ensures its effectiveness. Our governance is measured and maintained by our board members, bringing wide and varied commercial experience to board deliberations.

The board has overall remit of internal controls and risk management, with systems of internal control being executed by department heads. The system of internal controls are embedded in all that we do, with actions taken to mitigate any weaknesses being carefully monitored.

Systems of control are designed to eliminate the risk of failure to achieve the company’s business objectives in the areas of financial, operational, compliance and risk management.

Community Impact

We believe passionately that businesses can make a positive difference to local communities through support for charitable causes. We are delighted to have supported a number of charitable causes and look forward to partnering new ones as we continue to grow.

The company strives to align our community activities with our expertise in business. We use our resources and knowledge to create commercially sustainable solutions with like-minded partners served to assist the wider community.


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