e-tips® offers a one-stop, unified approach to the booking and management of all your non-permanent workers.

Encompassing agency workers, self-employed contractors and talent pool/bank workers, the e-tips® system can be used to manage any - or all - of these categories of workers (if they are present in your company).

For example: The e-tips® system offers simple configuration options which can be set up to broadcast your vacancies to your talent pool/bank workers first. If a suitable bank candidate is not available, and once a client specified period of time elapses, the vacancy can then be passed onto your agency panels, to maximise chances of fulfilment.

During the life-cycle of each vacancy, e-tips® will continually check for any new availability from talent pool/bank workers and then highlight any bank applications to the hiring manager. This approach ensures a continual focus on targeting known and trusted talent pool/bank candidates, as well as the advantage of further driving down the cost of using agencies.

In addition, a total view of your temporary worker population is created on e-tips® – so that organisations can more accurately understand their entire workforce mix and the costs as well as identify opportunities for their workers, such as temp-to-perm.

Quick Facts

  • One system to manage all your non-permanent workers regardless of “type”
  • Constant tracking of bank candidate availability
  • Complete visibility
  • Take informed decisions about your entire non-permanent workforce mix 
  • Drive up quality, drive down costs

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