Constantly working away in the background, e-tips® tracks and manages compliance consistently.

e-tips® offers hiring organisations  the assurance that any candidates proposed for vacancies via e-tips® have the appropriate compliance items required for that role. For example DBS checks, Drivers’ Licence or an NMC pin number.

During the implementation stage, we work with our client hiring organisations to detail the roles that are recruited  for and the associated compliance items each role requires. These requirements are then “locked down” in e-tips®.

Evidence of these compliance items must then be uploaded to e-tips® for each and every candidate proposed for that particular role, whether they are agency or bank workers.

If correct compliance is not uploaded a candidate cannot be proposed or propose themselves. Put simply, the functionality in e-tips® blocks the submittal of candidates who do not meet the set mandatory compliance requirements for each role in question.

Evidence of compliance checks is available to authorised hiring managers at point of hire and throughout the assignment. This is GDPR compliant under the Public Interest exception of Article 6.

The e-tips® system also mitigates risk through its sophisticated AWR tracking and uplift functionality, and PAE, NMW, NLW and WTR management.

Quick Facts

  • Assurance of compliance
  • Mitigation of risk across a wide spectrum of potential issues
  • Legislation management

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