e-tips® delivers cost savings in a multitude of ways - none of which are at the expense of fair pay for your workers.

e-tips® supports a fair value approach with all costs for agency services analysed, benchmarked and agreed with the client before they are “locked down” in the e-tips® system. No candidate can be proposed by an agency through e-tips® without supplying at these charge rates - with only certain authorised client users able to agree any deviations at candidate proposal stage.

This approach delivers cost reductions in terms of creating fairer,  more commercially balanced agency costs. Our analysis of agency charges pre- and post-e-tips® implementation typically reveals examples where charges become 35% less for health+care clients and 29% less for corporate clients.

It is important to emphasise that e-tips® ensures workers are paid a benchmarked market rate which additionally manages NMW, NLW and legislation such as Sleep-In rates and AWR.

e-tips® can additionally reduce agency spend through its ability to broadcast vacancies to bank workers – which in turn creates more certainty and opportunity for workers whilst still reducing the costs of contingent working for organisations.

e-tips® additionally produces one single, error-free invoice a week, allowing our clients to save considerable amounts of time and money in administration.

Finally, extensive MI from e-tips® can improve forecasting and transform the costs and deployment of temporary labour towards a more stable workforce model.


  • Agency Charge rates reduced by up to 35% and locked down 
  • One single, error free invoice a week
  • Soft costs saved through reduced administration
  • Greater visibility of bank worker opportunity – reducing costly agency fees
  • Improved MI leads to cost opportunities for organisations as well as opportunity for workers

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