Tried and tested across tens of thousands of users, the e-tips® system is incredibly easy to implement and use.

The development ethos behind e-tips® has created a highly intuitive system that mirrors the usability of the day-to-day technologies people are typically accustomed to in their personal and work lives.

The system is so easy to use that client training takes less than 30 minutes and Webex training is offered to all new users, with weekly sessions for additional starters.  

It takes a trained user just a few minutes to add a job and book a temporary worker via e-tips®. During the implementation phase of a new client, a bespoke system is mapped and built around tailored drop-down menus, so any hiring manager logging in is automatically choosing from a completely relevant list based on their own function and authority, when they wish to post a job to the agency panel or bank worker. This considerably reduces the time required to broadcast the job.

The e-tips® system has also been built with the needs of hiring managers in mind who do not sit at a desk and who are instead at depots or sites. e-tips® can still be used without the need to logon to a browser.

quick facts

  • A version of the system built for your exact requirements, within weeks
  • Completely intuitive
  • System training takes just 30 minutes
  • Broadcast your vacancy in just 2 minutes
  • Options for non-desk based hiring managers

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