GRI strives to be a responsible and honest business and to apply high ethical standards to sourcing our products and services. We expect our employees and all suppliers to comply with this Code of Conduct, those of the GRI clients they support and any appropriate standards within their field or their ongoing supply chain.  

Fair Employment

Employees of GRI and those companies supplying GRI have the right to fair treatment. In practice this means that we celebrate diversity and will not tolerate unfair treatment, including (but not limited) to discrimination, victimisation and harassment on the grounds of:

Gender; race; colour; national or ethnic origin; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; religion; political belief; trade union activity; marital status; caring responsibilities; disability; age or: citizenship.

All employees of GRI or supplying companies should be free to choose their employment and to leave their employment on the provision of appropriate notice.

All employees are entitled to receive written details of their terms of employment.

The relevant legislation in operation in the jurisdiction in which the supplier employs its workers must be complied with including (but not limited to):

  • Minimum wage
  • Holiday provision and accrual
  • Unlawful deductions
  • Pensions auto-enrolment
  • Protection against unlawful dismissal
  • Right to time off
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption rights
  • Freedom of association

All employees are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity by their employer. This includes ensuring that personal information is managed sensitively and confidentially in accordance with the appropriate legislation in place at the time.

Data Security & Confidentiality

GRI has a designated Data Protection Officer and takes its responsibilities in relation to confidentiality and data protection very seriously. We train all our staff on their responsibilities in relation to data collection, storage, transmission and security and expect our suppliers to adopt an equally high standard.

Data breaches in relation to GRI data or that of our clients must be reported to the GRI Data Protection Officer: Please also refer to our GRI Privacy Statement.

Modern Slavery

GRI is a member of the Slave Free Alliance and takes steps to ensure that steps are in place to protect both itself, its’ clients and supply chain from the threat of human trafficking, slavery and forced labour. 

We require all suppliers to comply with moral and legal obligations in place and to take all appropriate steps to ensure that their business operations are free from slavery and human trafficking, whether in the UK or elsewhere in their business or ongoing supply chain.

Recruitment agencies supplying our clients are required to be familiar with and comply with the procedures for reporting concerns regarding modern slavery to both GRI and the client.

Health & Safety

All employees, contractors, visitors and other associates of our suppliers are entitled to be provided with a healthy, safe working environment, complying with appropriate legislation and recognised standards. All necessary precautions should be taken, which are appropriate to the work undertaken by the supplier, to prevent accidents or injury occurring in the course of the business undertaking.

Policies and procedures should be in place which are accessible to employees, contractors and visitors and appropriate training should be provided in relation to all relevant aspects of workplace safety. A process for reporting breaches or concerns in relation to health & safety legislation must be in place.

The supplier will comply with appropriate standards such as the International Labour Organisation in relation to the prohibition of child labour and age-related limitations relating to night and/or lone working.


The appropriate regulations and legislation in relation to the protection of the environment must be adhered to.  

Supplier business operations must be conducted in accordance with industry best practice and in a sustainable and responsible way.

Suppliers should be able to demonstrate ongoing initiatives to minimise environmental impact from their business operation. Employees should be educated and encouraged to recycle and support other community sustainability initiatives.


Employees of GRI and all supplying companies must have a process in place to encourage whistleblowing and protect those making disclosures in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 or other legislation pertinent to the operating jurisdiction.

Anti-bribery & corruption

All anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws applicable to your business must be complied with including, where applicable, the UK Bribery Act 2010. 

Suppliers must maintain a policy that prohibits and procedures that prevent:

  • any offer, promise, gift or solicitation of an advantage as an inducement or reward to a person for the improper performance of that person’s position or as an attempt to influence a person in that person’s capacity as a public official; and
  • participation in any other form of corrupt practice (such as theft, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, blackmail, participation in a criminal organisation and money laundering) under any circumstances.

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